create success, happiness, and inner peace!


"Sooner or later you act out what you think. What you think is what you'll get."
- Dr. Bee Epsteion-Shepard, Sports Psychologist

 I’m happy to do hypnosis sessions in person at my Maui office, and I also have clients from all around the world join me via Skype or FaceTime. I offer house calls to clients who can't make office visits or prefer the in-home setting (special rates apply).

The most difficult part of change is the first step. Your courage to take that first step will be rewarded!

Introductory Call

This is a free fifteen-minute phone consultation, where we meet each other in conversation, discuss your needs, and discuss the best way to proceed for you, and talk about pricing too. 


Introductory Session

90 minutes

The required starting point for all hypnosis clients, the introductory session begins with a conversation about hypnosis, your issues and challenges, your dreams and desires. You will learn a theory of mind and an understanding of why your issue exists… and persists.  In hypnosis, you will experience new thoughts and feelings normally blocked by the critical mind. Through positive suggestion, imagery and metaphor the mind accepts change allowing you to feel better …. and then better. Even this one hypnosis session will help you make enormous change in your life. 




Four 60 minute hypnosis sessions

Introductory session is a prerequisite We start to build your subconscious muscles in this series of four sessions, gaining deep understandings of your subconscious motivations and giving you tools for daily reinforcement of the work we do in hypnosis. Most clients begin with this package and many book another four sessions. I find that 4-5 sessions is the tipping point.  All clients really see themselves in a different light at this point.


Loose Weight and Love Yourself

Four 60 minute hypnosis sessions

Introductory session is a prerequisite Here we will work through your subconscious mind to identify and eliminate barriers to success. We'll take the power away from emotional eating and replace it with healthy food and lifestyle choices. Reliance on will power and fad diets will be replaced with an empowered approach based on self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-love. We offer a 

Our Weight Loss Program includes:

  • hypnosis
  • meal consulting
  • exercise recommendations
  • meditation and self-hypnosis
  • follow-up and encouragement


Sports Hypnosis: Peak State

Four 60 minute hypnosis sessions

Introductory session is a prerequisite Here we begin developing mental skills that empower an athletic performance. Included are hypnotic techniques that help an athlete receive more benefit from relaxation, imagery, and goal setting, and help gain control of performance arousal, concentration, pain, and healing. Further, I will provide the athlete with powerful imagery skills that not only aid in visualizing and imagining perfect performance, but build muscle memory while practicing, perfecting, or correcting past, and future, performance. My approach is fully customized to the athletes sport and needs, and can be coordinated with coaches, trainers, sports psychologists, and physical therapists. 


World of Images: An Emotional Journey Within

Seven 60 minute hypnosis sessions

Introductory session is a prerequisite Our process goes even deeper. You become more self aware, more calm, clear and confident: you are eliminating blocks, recognizing excuses and accelerating change, reframing the events and emotions that have created the blocks, leaving them far behind you. Through hypnosis, hypnotic regression, and imagery processing, new perspective becomes easy as you gain a clearer understanding of yourself and others. Tools for daily reinforcement become your practice. You notice yourself shifting to believing change is happening before it actualizes in your life. The inner awareness must come first. You will feel good and then…actually look healthier. Let’s capture that amazing feel and look!

Journey into Earlier Ages and Past Lives

2 Sessions of 2 hours

Introductory session is a prerequisite Curiosity could be a reason to experience a Past Life Regression, but for most it is a path of personal healing and growth.  I assist you in processing memories and relating them to your present life. I do not suggest. In a deep hypnotic state the memories come from within you. It is an active, not a passive process. You participate fully in the regression as I guide you through it. You begin to see personal relationships in a new light, release fears and anxieties linked to past traumas, understand and align with your life purpose, and gain direct experience of yourself as a soul journeying toward healing and growing through time.


Ali'i Program: A Holistic Journey to Health

Six 60 minute hypnosis sessions & additional healing techniques based on personal need and health

*I work with various practitioners to offer you a customized holistic program

Introductory session is a prerequisite This is a very popular program for clients dealing with pain management, pregnancy, menopause, cancer treatment, and emotional and physical recovery and healing. Here we combine hypnosis with other modalities including acupuncture, heat and ice therapy, hyperbaric medicine, and other modalities that will advance the clients current needs while moving toward health, peak state, and a greater sense of life's purpose! With hypnosis you will become more self aware, more calm, empowered, clear and confident. Hypnosis and the added modalities will work in a synergistic way to propel you forward on your path of life and purpose. You'll notice yourself shifting to believing change is happening before it actualizes in your life. The inner awareness must come first!

Hugh Durham is a Consulting Hypnotist on Maui offering hypnosis for health, healing, and change. He's a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, a Certified Therapeutic Guided Imagery Facilitator, a Certified 5-PATH Hypnotherapist, and a Certified Pain Management Hypnotherapist. Hugh offers sessions at his Maui studio, online, and at his Maui Retreats.