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AUDIO/VIDEO SELF-HYPNOSIS - Advanced Self-Hypnosis Program

As part of my Hypnotherapy Practice, I provide my clients with additional tools to enhance their growth and healing. In partnership with a few other like-minded Healthcare Professionals, we've developed the Advanced Self-hypnosis Program. It is available to our clients, free of charge, so that they may practice at home, between in-person sessions. The Advanced Self-hypnosis Program builds on concepts introduced during our hypnosis sessions. They combine hypnotic induction with binaural technology, singing bowls music, natural sounds of nature, breathwork, and imagery exercises.

Mental training is far from a new concept. We've tapped our expertise in hypnotherapy, performance training, and neurofeedback to create the Advanced Self-hypnosis Program. The foundation of our system is the NOW! Imagine if you had a tool that could bring the body, mind, and emotion into harmony with what is needed NOW. You do, it’s your BREATH.

BREATH is so fundamental to our existence. Yet think how rarely we are actually aware of it. Breathing properly and learning to utilize it to effect change in our being…in our now. Imagine quieting runaway thoughts…focusing attention. think what can be accomplished if our mind, body, emotions, and energy are focused. our BREATH is the foundation…

 Now…what is the greatest tool for the future? IMAGERY. It is visual, kinesthetic, and emotional. For the mind, it is real. Research has shown that IMAGERY aids in developing motor skills, motivating achievement, focusing attention, and increasing self-confidence. IMAGERY is our most powerful tool to direct a future outcome.

 We’ve seen our sports performance clients improve and report that they’ve never felt more in control of their performance. Entrepreneurial clients report renewed focus and enhanced goal setting. Personal growth clients describe the now as feeling less cluttered, with less emotional dissonance and limiting thoughts. As a whole, our clients are more aware and connected in the present, and more confident in the future.

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Advanced Self-Hypnosis Programs:

The Foundation - This is a program that combines hypnotic induction, music/sound therapy, breathwork, and imagery. The Foundation is a video series focused on breath, imagery, and mental games. This system focuses awareness, attention, and intention to give you the tools to influence and control your physical, mental, and emotional state in the moment, and build an outlook for the future based on intention and empowerment. Series 1 thru 5 build the foundation for our future work. Here we learn to control our breath, create powerful imagery, and recognize and move energy and feelings thru our body. This training will help you take control! Our clients begin with the Foundation, then branch off toward their specific areas of focus. Whether it's athletic and peak performance, emotional balance, spiritual awakening, or just overall self-improvement, The Foundation series will provide the tools...

BREATHWORK - This program combines music/sound therapy with breathwork exercises. We provide sessions for pre-workout, post-workout, relaxation, and focus. Build awareness and control in your breath and it will strengthen your focus and control and allow you to effectively deal with anything life challenges you with!

Chakra ExercisesThis program combines music/sound therapy with chakra imagery exercises. These sessions will build a solid foundation for your energy work and reiki practice. Build awareness and an ability to focus and harness your body's energy flow!

Lokahi Self-Hypnosis System - The Ho’o Lokahi System has built in steps that work toward removing old subconscious barriers to success and fulfillment, and replacing them with suggestions for the changes you want to make. In the hypnotic trance, we receive suggestions, from ourselves, and the suggestions are accepted by our subconscious, and any conflicting information is replaced. As these old programs and self-limiting beliefs are removed, you’ll feel more calm, relaxed, and in control. As a result, stress is dissolved away as the self begins to heal.

30 DAY CHALLENGE - The 30 Day Challenge is a program which combines the above programs into an easy to follow process that will maximize the benefits and provide an easy to follow approach. It includes extra games that will improve your ability to focus awareness and build powerful imagery of the future you DESIRE!