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About Hypnotherapist Hugh Durham

My name is Hugh Durham and I am a Consulting Hypnotherapist working on Maui. I have a Clinical Certification in Hypnotherapy, a Master Certification in Therapeutic Guided Imagery, a 5-PATH Master Hypnotist Certification, and a Pain Management Hypnotherapy Certification.  I help diverse clients with a wide range of challenges and goals, with a particular focus on sports and peak performance, weight loss and body image, emotional balance and the language of feelings, pain management and healing, and anxiety and stress.

As a Hypnotherapist, I believe that each client is unique, with unique experiences, as such, each session is tailored to the individual client and his/her needs.Together we can forge a new path, unencumbered by the past, toward self-discovery, balance, happiness, and fulfillment.




Hugh, Ronit, and Jake at Ironwoods