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“Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us.”
David Richo

The Art of Healing

We tend to think of healing as two distinct things: Emotional Healing and Physical Healing. If we take a moment to contemplate the actual steps of healing we come to recognize that they are one and the same. At its core, healing is an experiential, energy-requiring process in which we carve out a healing space and foster relationships that help us navigate the original trauma, repair the trauma, rehabilitate, and learn and course-correct away from the burden of the trauma toward health and thriving! This healing process should result in (and from!) a sense of wholeness, integration, balance and transformation.

Our understanding of physical trauma and the path to healing is well understood and formalized. Our emotional healing tends to be more conceptual, if not ignored completely. How often have you heard "time heals all wounds?" Here's a news flash- IT DOESN'T!

Very little trauma in life is exclusively physical or emotional. Most all trauma involves both. So it stands to reason that true HEALING should involve both. Think about trauma you may think of as wholey emotional, like loosing a loved one. How might you describe it- "I have a broken heart." As human beings, we attach physical injury to emotional pain. The two can't be separated, they are one in the same! And guess what? That's good news- it gives us two avenues to heal!

Healing as a Process

First let me say that not all trauma is equal. As human beings we are exposed to extreme physical and emotional traumas which make complete recovery difficult, if not impossible. That said, our capacity to heal is miraculous! Even if our trauma makes being what we were impossible, who's to say what we can become...

For proper healing, the interconnectedness of body and mind must be acknowledged. When properly addressed, they tend to reinforce the other. This creates a positive cycle of healing. When one is ignored the cycle is broken and the full capacity to heal is lost.


“Some people see scars, and it is wounding they remember. To me they are proof of the fact that there is healing.”
Linda Hogan


Hypnosis and Healing

Therapeutic Hypnosis will create an optimistic and safe space where healing can begin. We take a holistic approach to recovery and can work with Doctors, Physical Therapists, Psychologists/Psychiatrists, and Coaches to tailor a therapeutic hypnosis rehab program to maximize your capacity to heal.

Our Program includes:

- Pain Management

- Relaxation (physical and mental)

- Mobilizing the bodies healing power

- Optimism, outlook, and motivation (placebo effect)

- Stress Reduction

- Imaging - visual, kinesthetic, and emotional

- Self-Hypnosis

*Working with clients who have been diagnosed with an illness or injury requires a referral from a Doctor